15 Foot Tall Giants Who Lived in Sardinia

15 Foot Tall Giants Who Lived in Sardinia

Were there 15 Foot Tall Giants Who Lived in Sardinia?

Latest European UFO Research – Have ETs visited Sardinia in the PAST?

The Testimony of Luigi Muscas on his property near Cagliari, Sardinia on 11/11/2012

Luigi told me about the tombs and artifacts of giants (15 foot tall beings) who lived in Sardinia thousands of years ago. He told me that his father and his uncles, who also own land near his land, have dug up many bones and human artifacts. He also mentioned that traditional archeology does not accept this discovery and that his entire family has been threatened. 15 Foot Tall Giants Who Lived in SardiniaHe has been told over and over to keep this secret and NOT talk to the general public. His has written two books on the GIANTS, one called The Giants, Children of the Stars and The Giants and the Culture from the Stars, which has many photographs. He says

“The people who come to my house to heard about the star people, they want a certainty, the proof that this is not a fantasy but the truth. This Reality is hidden

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Aleppo Codex

The Aleppo Codex

Aleppo Codex – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Aleppo Codex is a medieval bound manuscript of the Hebrew Bible. The codex was written in the 10th century A.D. The codex has long been considered to be the most authoritative document in the masorah (“transmission”), the tradition by which the Hebrew Scriptures have been preserved from generation to generation. Surviving examples of responsa literature show that the Aleppo Codex was consulted by far-flung Jewish scholars throughout the Middle Ages, and modern studies have shown it to be the most accurate representation of Masoretic principles in any extant manuscript, containing very few errors among the roughly 2.7 million orthographic details that make up the Masoretic Text. For these reasons, many scholars view the Aleppo Codex as the most authoritative representative of the masoretic tradition, both its letter-text and its vocalization, although most of its Torah section and many other parts of the text are now missing.

Aleppo CodexThe Karaite Jewish community of Jerusalem purchased the codex about a hundred years after it was made. During the First Crusade, the synagogue was plundered and the codex was transferred to Egypt, whose Jews paid a high price for its ransom. It was preserved at the Rabbanite synagogue in Cairo, where it was consulted by Maimonides, who described it as a text trusted by all Jewish scholars. It is rumoured that in 1375 one of Maimonides’ descendants brought it to Aleppo, Syria, leading to its present name.

The Codex remained in Syria for five hundred years. In 1947, rioters enraged by the UN decision to establish a Jewish state in Palestine burned down the synagogue where it was kept. The Codex disappeared, then re-emerged in 1958, when it was smuggled into Israel by Syrian Jew Murad Faham, and presented to the president of the state, Itzhak Ben-Zvi. On arrival, it was found that parts of the codex had been lost. The Aleppo Codex was entrusted to the Ben-Zvi Institute and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

The Aleppo community guarded the Codex zealously for some six hundred years: it was kept, together with three other Biblical manuscripts, in a special cupboard (later, an iron safe) in a basement chapel of the synagogue supposed to have been the cave of Elijah. It was regarded as the community’s most sacred possession: people in trouble would pray before it, and oaths were taken by it.

Crop Circle in Bracciano, Bertinoro, FC, Italy 20 May 2012

Crop Circle in Bracciano, Bertinoro in Forlì-Cesena, Italy

May 20, 2012 the same day as earthquake in near Ferrara and Bologna[break]

Italian Crop Formation – A Saros Eclipse Cycle?

© 2012 by Linda Moulton Howe
Updated May 27, 2012/ Originally published May 23, 2012  Bracciano, Italy –
On May 20, 2012, between 7 to 8:20 PM Mountain, I was at Mesa del Sol on a hill over Albuquerque, New Mexico, to watch the rare and elegant annular solar eclipse. Albuquerque was right in the middle of the eclipse path and we were able to watch the full astronomical perfection as the Moon came between the Earth and the sun. The reason Crop Circle in Bracciano, Bertinorofor the ring this time instead of the total solar eclipse surrounded by the solar corona was because the Moon’s orbit around the Earth is not a perfect circle. The Earth-Moon distance varies by 13 percent. So when the Moon is on the far side of its orbit, it appears slightly smaller than the Sun and therefore does not completely cover the solar disc during an annular eclipse, leaving a ring of sunlight around the Moon. The May 20, 2012, annular eclipse began in China and swept eastward across Japan and the Pacific Ocean to southern Oregon, northern California, southern Utah, Northern Arizona and central New Mexico where Albuquerque was centered in the middle of the eclipse path. [read more ..]

Lucid Dreaming: How to Control Your Dreams

Lucid Dreaming: How to Control Your Dreams

A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. The term was coined by the Dutch psychiatrist and writer Frederik (Willem) van Eeden (1860–1932). In a lucid dream, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over their participation within the dream or be able to manipulate their imaginary experiences in the dream environment. Lucid dreams can be realistic and vivid. It is shown that there are higher amounts of beta-1 frequency band (13–19 Hz) experienced by lucid dreamers, hence there is an increased amount of activity in the parietal lobes making lucid dreaming a conscious process.

Lucid dreaming has been researched scientifically, and its existence is well established. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Lucid Dreaming: How to Control Your DreamsLucid Dreaming Tips[break]
A lucid dream occurs when you realize that you are dreaming. With practice, you can induce lucid dreams, (LDs), and maintain your lucidity for extended periods. Anything you can do while awake you can do in a lucid dream.

There are also many things you can do that you cannot do in the waking world like flying, taking a free one night vacation to Hawaii, Nepal, or even Mars, going to that board room meeting a day early, brainstorming and problem-solving while having greater access to your subconscious, exploring amazing dreamscapes, encountering dream figures who often have marvelous insight and sage-like advice, to name but a few. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, literally. [read more ..]

Active Dreaming

What is Active Dreaming?

By Robert Moss[break]
Active Dreaming? The phrase is a provocation, designed to shake us free from the assumption that dreaming is a passive activity. I am grateful for the gift of spontaneous sleep dreams, the ones we don’t ask for and often don’t want. They hold up a magic mirror in which we can see ourselves as we truly are. They serve as a voice of conscience. They preview challenges and opportunities that lie in our future. Sleep dreams show us what is going on inside the body, diagnose developing complaints before medical symptoms present themselves, and show us what the body needs to stay well. We solve problems in our sleep. And, as the First Peoples of my native Australia teach, our personal dreams may be a passport to the Dreamtime, the larger reality in which we can meet the ancestors and our authentic spiritual teachers. [read more ..][break]

Active Dreaming: Journeying Beyond Self-Limitation to a Life of Wild Freedom

Practical Magic for Living the “Life of Your Dreams”[break]
Active Dreaming is a way of being fully of this world while maintaining constant contact with another world, the world-behind-the-world, where the deeper logic and purpose of our lives are to be found. Active Dreaming offers three core areas of practice: talking and walking our dreams to bring energy and guidance from the dreamworld into everyday life; shamanic lucid dreaming; and conscious living.[break]

Active dreamers are choosers. They learn to recognize that whatever situation they are in, they always have choice. They choose not to buy into self-limiting beliefs or the limited models of reality suggested by others. Active dreamers learn to grow a dream of possibility, a dream strong enough to take them beyond fear and despair to a place of freedom and delight.[break]

Robert Moss

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Robert Moss, born in Melbourne (Victoria) in 1946, is an Australian historian, journalist and author and the creator of Active Dreaming, an original method for working with dreams and imagination.
Interest in dreaming
In 1986, Moss felt the need to get away from the commercial fast track and moved to a farm in upstate New York, where he started dreaming in a language he did not know that proved to be an archaic form of the Mohawk language. Helped by native speakers to interpret his dreams, Moss came to believe that they had put him in touch with an ancient healer – a woman of power – and that they were calling him to a different life.
Out of these experiences he wrote a series of historical novels and developed the practice he calls Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of contemporary dreamwork and various methods of journeying and healing. A central premise of Moss’s approach is that dreaming isn’t just what happens during sleep; dreaming is waking up to sources of guidance, healing and creativity beyond the reach of the everyday mind.
He introduced his method to an international audience as an invited presenter at the conference of the Association for the Study of Dreams at the University of Leiden in 1994.
Core techniques of active dreaming:

  • The “lightning dreamwork” process, designed to facilitate quick dream-sharing that results in helpful action; the use of the “if it were my dream” protocol encourages the understanding that the dreamer is always the final authority on his or her dream.
  • Dream reentry: the practice of making a conscious journey back inside a dream in order to clarify information, dialogue with a dream character, or move beyond nightmare terrors into healing and resolution.
  • Tracking and group dreaming: conscious dream travel on an agreed itinerary by two or more partners, often supported by shamanic drumming.
  • Navigating by synchronicity: reading coincidence and “symbolic pop-ups” in ordinary life as “everyday oracles”.


Present! – Dreaming with Robert Moss

In Part One of this interview with Mel Van Dusen, writer, lecturer and professor of ancient history, Robert Moss, talks about dreams and their power in guiding us to an experience of deeper realities and fuller lives.[break]

Original Phoenix Lights – UFO footage 3|13|1997

Original Phoenix Lights

On March 13th 1997 over 10,000 Arizona Residents witnessed lights hovering over Phoenix

The Phoenix Lights (sometimes called the “Lights over Phoenix”) were a series of widely sighted unidentified flying objects observed in the skies over the U.S. states of Arizona, Nevada and the Mexican state of Sonora on March 13, 1997.

Original Phoenix Lights1997

Lights of varying descriptions were seen by thousands of people between 19:30 and 22:30 MST, in a space of about 300 miles (480 km), from the Nevada line, through Phoenix, to the edge of Tucson. There were two distinct events involved in the incident: a triangular formation of lights seen to pass over the state, and a series of stationary lights seen in the Phoenix area. The United States Air Force identified the second group of lights as flares dropped by A-10 Warthog aircraft that were on training exercises at the Barry Goldwater Range in southwest Arizona. Witnesses claim to have observed a huge carpenter’s square-shaped UFO, containing five spherical lights or possibly light-emitting engines. Fife Symington, the governor at the time, was one witness to this incident; he later called the object “otherworldly.” From Wikipedia

Coast to Coast AM Nov 11 – 2010 Time Travel & Teleportation

Coast to Coast AM Nov 11 – 2010 Time Travel & Teleportation

Date: 11-11-10

Host: George Noory
Guests: Andrew D. Basiago, Dannion Brinkley
Part of DARPA’s Project Pegasus as a young child, and now a practicing attorney, Andrew D. Basiago seeks to end the U.S. government’s time travel cover-up. He claims to be one of America’s early time-space explorers, and revealed his experiences with time travel research and development. As one of 140 American children involved with experiments with teleportation, during the late 1960s, he said the government was interested in developing a technology to transport the President and his family in urgent situations, and wanted to test the mental and physical effects. Coast to Coast AM Nov 11 - 2010 Time Travel & TeleportationThe teleporter consisted of “two parentheses-shaped objects about 8 ft. tall,” around 10 ft. apart from each other, and inside the interior of the armatures were “tiny little ports that were generating a blue-green light.” Between the armatures was a tuned-in field of radiant energy that the subjects leaped through, he detailed.

Andrew D. Basiago, J.D., M.C.R.P. (Dist), M.Phil. (Cantab), 49, the founder and president of MARS and team leader of Project Pegasus, is a lawyer, writer, scholar, and 21st century visionary.

Andy is an emerging figure in the Truth Movement leading a campaign to lobby the US government to disclose such controversial truths as the fact that Mars harbors life and that the US has achieved “quantum access” to past and future events.

He has been identified as a “planetary-level whistle blower” by the Web Bot, which analyzes the content of the World Wide Web to predict future trends.

Andy’s writings place him at the forefront of contemporary Mars anomaly research.

His paper The Discovery of Life on Mars, published in 2008, was the first work to prove that Mars is an inhabited planet.

After publishing this landmark paper, Andy founded the Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS), which continues to make breathtaking discoveries of life forms and ancient artifacts on Mars.

Andy is also one of America’s early time-space explorers.

Art Bell 1993 Al Bielek – The Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment Art Bell 1993 interview  with Al Bielek.

The Philadelphia Experiment - Art Bell
Al Bielek is a claimed survivor of the legendary Philadelphia Experiment and of the Montauk Project.

Excerpt from Synopsis of Al Bielek Interviews

When did this time machine get going?

Around 1979 or 1980 it was fully operational. This transmitter had enough power to warp space and time. The individual in the chair would have to synthesize the vortex function because they didn’t have the technical capability to do that. It can now be mechanically synthesized. They did other things. They had the subject in the chair think of some creature, and the creature would materialize. They had the individual in the chair think of all the animals at Montauk point charging into town, and that’s exactly what happened. They almost had the power to create a being. The problem they had was that what they created only stayed as long as the mind amplifier was on. The power was somewhere between gigawatts and terrawatts. Tremendous power. The vortex could have a diameter of about five miles.



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Building a Tesla Coil

Building a Tesla Coil

Building a Tesla Coil . Video showing the construction of a typical spark-gap type Tesla Coil. There was a lot of information and I couldn’t cover everything in this video. So there will be more in a part 2. But this gives some basic info for building a Tesla Coil.

Building a Tesla Coil

Big Tesla coil of Oklahoma

Big Tesla coil of Oklahoma

15 Foot tall Tesla coil with max. sparks of 26 feet. Runs up to 55,000 watts in New Castle, Oklahoma

A Tesla coil is an electrical resonant transformer circuit invented by Nikola Tesla around 1891. It is used to produce high-voltage, low-current, high frequency alternating-current electricity.

Tesla coils produce higher current than the other source of high-voltage discharges, electrostatic machines. Tesla experimented with a number of different configurations and they consist of two, or sometimes three, coupled resonant electric circuits.

Big Tesla coil of Oklahoma

Tesla used these coils to conduct innovative experiments in electrical lighting, phosphorescence, x-ray generation, high frequency alternating current phenomena, electrotherapy, and the transmission of electrical energy without wires. Tesla coil circuits were used commercially in sparkgap radio transmitters for wireless telegraphy until the 1920s, and in pseudomedical equipment such as electrotherapy and violet ray devices. Today their main use is for entertainment and educational displays.
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